Bicycle Burger Race

nullSo this is on. Just talked to Casey about a keg for the event. Prizes: bike stuff, including a Brooks B17 saddle, some unique wheels, concert tickets,t-shirts etc. Other surprises. Be ready. Buy your own food items. Minor entry fee if you want to participate in the race otherwise the entertainment is free. Wear a helmet and follow traffic laws. Create your own route. Bike movies at the HoR during the race. ‎(some of this got cut off) here’s the rest: …Bring your bike whether you race or not. The race stops at five specific burger joints (all Whataburgers, coincidentally). No burger chain is involved with the race in any way other than a destination for a food stop. Register at my shop before the event. The deadline for registration is July 2nd @ 7:00 PM.


Duty Change Could Raise Cassette Prices

Bicycle Retailer

via Duty Change Could Raise Cassette Prices.
MONTGOMERYVILLE, PA (BRAIN)—A duty change could raise the price of certain cassettes to importers, and ultimately dealers and consumers, by 10 percent.

The U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protections recently reclassified cassette style multiple free-wheel sprockets to the residual bike parts category, which carries a 10 percent duty. The cassettes had previously been duty free. Freewheel hub bodies do not carry any duties.

The reasons for the change are unclear and inappropriate, said Brock Landry, an attorney advising the Bicycle Parts Suppliers Association (BPSA) on the matter.

“It’s unusual I would say that a product that has been consistently classified over a number of years suddenly goes through a reevaluation,” he said.

Landry said he knows of several companies that have been notified of the duty change by Customs. Importers subject to the duty have two options to contest the change, one requesting further administrative review and another challenging the issue in court.

“That’s costly. It takes a considerable amount of time and the government has the presumption of correction,” Landry said. Although, he added, he has tried a number of inappropriate duty changes and calls can be overturned.

The BPSA has not yet made any formal challenges on behalf of its members regarding the duty change, Landry said.

Quality Bicycle Products has already informed its customers on its website about an increase in cassette prices due to the change.

—Nicole Formosa


Power Meter, the Godfather, and 120 Minute IPA

I was looking at SRAM’s S975 Quarq™ Power Meter Crankset this morning. PhotobucketI was wondering what type of individual actually needs the kind of data a roughly $2,000 set of cranks provides.  So I googled that question and found this NYT article about the “Data Obsessed” I also found and old article from Bicycling Magazine about Landis’ innocence and him being given the “benefit of the doubt” I remember the moment he  admitted his guilt.  I felt like Michael Corleone when he found out Fredo plotted against him with Johnny Ola and Hyman Roth…but I digress.
Anyway, I just can’t seem to get passed the aesthetics of a power meter, especially when they wind up on typically beautiful bicycles.
I would think the value of that crankset could be better spent on a decked out commuter “second bike” and a case of Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA.  …just sayin’

The December Stuff and such…

Okay, it’s Christmas time and I’ve got some relatively fresh gear at the Spoke ‘n Cog

Just a few things that can help you  integrate your bicycle  into a transportation option for the new year and maybe even pedal off some eggnog.

Bicycle Corpus, please!

I opened Spoke ‘n Cog on April 1st 2010. I believed I could bring Corpus a taste of something a little different than what it’s been accustomed. Smaller than the other shops and less intimidating. Just one guy and his tools helping the surrounding neighborhood and nearby students. My intent is to treat anyone riding a bicycle like a champ whether they are wearing lycra and Sidis or surf trunks and Chucks. It would be great if a bicycle could change your life. It’s what a fool believes…